Rotating Retort Equipment

ESRA (Ecklund-Slip-Ring-Assembly)
Several types of agitating retorts require the use of multiple circuit slip ring assemblies at the end of a rotating shaft to conduct thermocouple signals from a rotating to stationary mode.
Such devices can be very troublesome if foreign metals (not thermocouple metals) are part of the circuit and/or temperature differentials exist across the slip ring assembly.
Only thermocouple materials are used in the conductive circuits and the unit is mounted to isolate the assembly from the end of the hot retort shaft to minimize temperature differentials.
The rotor shaft is mounted on sealed ball bearings for durability.
Though the 16 circuit unit is considered standard, we can provide the slip ring assembly in any size up to 32 circuits. The design of the unit permits installation on virtually any style of rotating retort with minimum difficulty.

This is an 18 circuit hub for installation on the FMC Steritort.
The unit comes with 18, S-31 female connectors mounted in the hub.
This permits the use of up to 18 rotary leads instead of the standard six.
The design incorporates a 1-1/4” NPT stainless steel pipe nipple which threads into the shaft of the FMC Steritort.

S-28 – Rotary Contactor
For use in conducting heat penetration tests in rolling cans in FMC Steritorts.
The rotating parts are small in diameter to reduce frictional torque.  The rotor may be easily removed for cleaning by removing a snap ring.  No adjustments are necessary on re-assembly.
The rotary contactor is supplied with a 34” (0.86 meters) wire and locking connector to connect into the hub of the Steritort, and can be used with any style Ecklund thermocouple.